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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Partner MacKenzie Prepare for $137 Billion Divorce

These days, divorce is more typical than not, and all the

could not prevent it. Amazon CEO, world’s wealthiest male, and iguana eater Jeff Bezos announced on Wednesday that he and his partner MacKenzie are getting divorced after 25 years of marital relationship.

“As our family and close good friends know, after a long period of caring exploration and trial separation, we have chosen to divorce and continue our shared lives as good friends,” the couple composed in the declaration shared on Twitter. “If we had actually understood we would separate after 25 years, we would do it all once again.”

The split appears pretty amicable, but it’s still got that dramatic edge tabloids enjoy thanks to its supposed cost tag. TMZ reports there is around $137 billion on the line in this divorce. Naturally, it’s not unexpected that the world’s richest guy would go on to have the world’s most pricey divorce.The approximated figure appears rather high, however the price tag most likely consists of stock, residential or commercial property, or other things the uber-wealthy have. Jeff and McKenzie supposedly own an overall of 400,000 acres of residential or commercial property, making them 2 of the biggest landholders in the country.MacKenzie and Jeff Bezos fulfilled way before Amazon, at the bank D.E.

Shaw, prior to heading from New york city to Seattle to begin the tech giant. They got wed in 1993, and have 4 kids together.At one point, MacKenzie likewise worked for Amazon. She likely assisted her spouse get business off the groun, and continued to champion his unmatched, ethically questionable success. It’s unclear if the two had a prenup, however if not, this story is most likely going to hit news feeds once again, as we all look at the crazy amount of cash these individuals have.