Transport merger with Cops Scotland postponed

February 20, 2018 In a letter to Holyrood's Justice Committee, Justice Secretary Michael Matheson stated he stayed committed to completely implementing the plans.He said the hold-up would enable"enhanced engagement"with officers and personnel over issues such as pay and conditions.Opposition parties-- who voted against the merger-- stated the development underlined ministers' […] Read more »

EU court guidelines Uber a transport service

Uber has been considered a 'transportation service' by the European Court of Justice and not, as it previously argued, a digital service-- a relocation that might have big ramifications for the method the business operates.The ride hailing company has previously argued it merely offers a digital service to link passengers […] Read more »

Masabi Wins Smart City Prize at Transport Ticketing Global Awards

Masabi Wins Smart City Prize at Transportation Ticketing Global Awards Masabi has again been identified at the transportation ticketing market's top awards ceremony for its ingenious method to assisting individuals move effortlessly around cities across the globe.On Tuesday night at the Transportation Ticketing Worldwide awards ceremony, an independent panel of […] Read more »

Powering Smart City Transport with the Smartphone

Smart Cities are everything about enhancing city life through the implementation and adoption of technology, and there is no much better example than the impact that the smart device is having on urban transport systems. With the accelerating shift toward urbanisation, there are ever higher demands on transport networks. However, […] Read more »