A “pickup artist” is covertly filming unwary females in Glasgow for his site ‘Glasgow Guardian

Outrage and concern has developed in Glasgow after a “pickup artist” has actually been covertly recording himself “striking on” and bothering females in Glasgow and publishing the footage online.The “pickup

artist”– Addy “agame”– runs the YouTube channel and site DWLF, on which footage is frequently posted of Addy trying to speak to unwary ladies. In one video, titled “How to f *** ladies in alleyways and public toilets + 3 infields”, the site host approaches various ladies on Buchanan Street and Sauchiehall Street while an accomplice privately films the interaction.During one of the occurrences, Addy asksa young woman if she is”getting pissed tonight”prior to advising her to fulfill him in the city’s Kokomo nightclub.In another video, entitled “Why re-approaching ladies can get you laid/full infield example”, he speaks about how a girl will “welcome”it when a person returns to talk to her despite initially turning them down.In the video, he states: “Any circumstance that gets tossed at you, you rely on your advantage.”Remember, you’re the man and it’s your

fucking frame and she follows you. You lead. “The video then shows Addy follow a female while talking to

her, in an effort to get her number.His site claims to assist people”master your manly qualities”

, offering 1-to-1 training on how to” connect with hot ladies”. It adds:” Find out how to technique, talk, text, date and

have sex with lovely women. Be the chooser, not the picked.”One woman has taken to Twitter to share her experience of being harassed by Addy, posting:”This man asked if he could’walk me house’ when a simply ended up work beside the Clyde then got so aggressive with me when a decreased and a had to run inty a hotel and ask to telephone me a taxi house. “After the footage was first commonly exposed by BBC’s The Social, Glasgow Greater Pollok SNP councillor Rhiannon Spear tweeted her outrage.She stated:”Think about how he discusses women.”Consider how he talks about sex and what he considers

consent. This is turning permission and browbeating into a game.”Sandra White, MSP for Glasgow Kelvin likewise hit out at Addy” agame”and raised concerns over the authorization of the

videos.She said: “It is extremely worrying to see this taking place in Glasgow,particularly at a time of higher awareness of sexual harassment and permission.” Harassment of any kind is inappropriate, and I am

happy to see that organisations in Glasgow are taking the proper action to make personnel aware and stop this sort of unwelcome behaviour

. “Approval must never ever be considered approved, and both guys and ladies need to continue working together to call out and condemn the damaging conduct discovered today.

“Buchanan Galleries, St Enoch Centre and Kokomo Nightclub have actually all been called about the male’s activities, and we would urge any of our readers to call the centres’ security or the authorities if you are approached by him, or witness him harassing any other lady.