Catastrophe indicates household of 9 is living in 4-bed Birstall house

A lady looking after seven kids after her sister passed away unexpectedly is desperate for a bigger house.For nearly

a year there have been nine family members living in Donna Backhouse’s Birstall house, which is just appropriate for six.Donna’s sister

, Melanie, was 41 when she dropped dead in your home in early November in 2015 and Melanie’s children, Mollie, aged 7 and Billy, 11, relocated with Donna and her spouse, Jason.She said:”

We have two ladies in one little space where one has to climb over the other one’s bed to reach hers.

“Then in another room there are three boys, including my 11-year-old nephew who is autistic and is actually battling with that.

“Your home has four bed rooms but it’s really small and very crowded.

“I have actually been in touch with the council, MPs and charities and absolutely nothing is taking place.”

Donna and her household are on the Charnwood Borough Council waiting list for a larger house but so far absolutely nothing suitable has become offered, with the council just having 5 homes with more than 4 bedrooms and none of them available.A further limitation is that Donna is desperate to remain in Birstall, instead of triggering any more injury to Melanie

‘s kids, who were in your home when their mother died.Donna said:”It’s been almost a year because Melanie died and she was discovered dead in her house with her kids present.

“She had not been consuming much and it we think that resulted in her death.

“I want to remain in Birstall for the sake of my boy, who’s doing his GCSEs, and also Melanie’s kids who have currently been through a terrible experience and do not need more upheaval. “

Have you seen these essential planning applications?Donna is having a hard time to understand

why no one has actually been able to assist her family.She said:”I work in the local shop and people are constantly telling me they can’t think we do not have a bigger house.”I asked the council why they couldn’t knock two together if they do

n’t have any huge ones.”There are lots in the village that are under-occupied and have 2 or three bed rooms that aren’t being used.”There’s a lot of newbuilds around here but none of them are five-bed so that’s no excellent for me.

“The council keeps asking me to make quotes on homes with three and 4 bedrooms but they won’t be big enough.”What does Charnwood District Council state? A Charnwood Borough Council representative

said:”We certainly sympathise with Miss Backhouse’s scenarios.”Nevertheless, due to extremely high need and the restricted number of properties the council owns, it is not always possible to match tenants with the homes they desire.” The council has around 5,500 properties but only five which have either 5 or 6 bed rooms. “They are currently occupied and we do not anticipate them to be offered in the future.

“We can not evict individuals for under-occupancy but we do use rewards for people to scale down if appropriate.”Miss Backhouse is in the top priority band and we have actually advised considering bidding on 3 or four bed room properties which may be larger than her current residential or commercial property or have other spaces that may be usable as a bed room.” We are doing all we can to support Miss Backhouse but ultimately we do not have a limitless supply of properties and bigger family homes

are always in high need.”We will continue to use support to Miss Backhouse.” The council is committed to increasing cost effective homes in the borough through either S106 settlements on new developments, home acquisitions or by working with homeowner to bring empty homes back into usage.”Our empty houses officer helped bring 43 properties back into usage in 2017/2018 and we have actually bought three properties in the previous 12 months to include to our housing stock.