Exposed: The world’s most affordable (and most expensive) cities to take a taxi

We’ve all been there: sat in the backseat of a taxi, in a foreign city, eye on the meter, worrying about how much it’s going to cost to reach our destination. “Am I being fleeced?” you ask, as the meter spins like a fruit machine.Sometimes there isn’t even a meter. Cabbies in some countries charge what they believe they can get away with and how much you end up paying can frequently be a testament to your haggling skills– or lack of them.Cue the< a rel="nofollow "href =" “target=” _ blank “> 2017 Taxi Price Index, which was released today and shines a spotlight on the expense of cabs in 80 of the world’s most popular cities. A cost guide for hapless visitors, the index rates destinations inning accordance with the average cost of a taxi per kilometre– and, unsurprisingly, London came out as one of the most pricey cities


Catching a cab in London? It’ll cost you Credit: AP The index was assembled by Carspring, the online automobile dealership, whose motivations seem public relations. Carspring’s approach might have been a bit more extensive– the majority of the information was collected from the main site of each city– and it acknowledges that rates may differ substantially depending on the time of day and number of passengers.Nevertheless, the index offers

an interesting insight into the world of taxi fares. Where is the cheapest? Well, the Egyptian capital, Cairo, came out as the most wallet-friendly city to hop in a taxi, costing approximately ₤ 0.08 per km; Bangkok (₤ 0.14 )came 2nd, and Moscow(₤ 0.21 )and Mexico City(₤ 0.21) were tied for 3rd. No have to see the meter in those destinations.The 10 least expensive cities for cab fares Cairo-₤ 0.08

(per km )Bangkok -₤ 0.14 Moscow -₤ 0.21 Mexico City – ₤ 0.21 Jakarta-
  • ₤ 0.23
  • Bangalore -₤ 0.23 Mumbai – ₤ 0.24
  • Beijing – ₤ 0.26
  • Kuala Lumpur -₤ 0.27 Bucharest – ₤ 0.32
  • Though it’s probably best
  • you don’t watch the meter in Switzerland, either– due to the fact that
  • you will not like exactly what you see. According to Carspring, it has the most pricey cab fares with Zurich and Geneva topping the table, charging as they do approximately ₤ 3.94 and ₤ 2.52 per km respectively. Tokyo(₤ 2.21)was 3rd costliest. Zurich came out as the most expensive city, but London wasn’t far behind Credit: GETTY The 10

    costliest cities for taxi fares Zurich-₤ 3.94 Geneva -₤ 2.52 Tokyo -₤ 2.21 London-₤ 2.20 Berlin-₤ 1.80 Amsterdam-₤ 1.80 Perfume-₤ 1.78 Copenhagen-

    ₤ 1.75 Antwerp- ₤ 1.71 Stuttgart-₤

    1. 1.71 The UK appears
    2. to be a variety for guests. While London came out as
    3. the fourth most expensive city in the list– with cabbies charging a reported ₤ 2.20
    4. per km– Manchester was ranked as
    5. one of the more budget friendly
    6. European cities, charging an average of ₤ 0.94 per km.Commenting on the index, Carspring’s CEO, Maximilian Vollenbroich, said:”Nothing beats the relief of hopping into a comfortable taxi after a long day of sightseeing in a new city. However in some cities, this merely isn’t really budget-friendly, and in other locations, tourists are at risk of being overcharged.”We hope our

      research assists visitors prepare for safe, fun, and budget-friendly travel in whatever ride finest suits them.”Take the quiz: Could you be a London cabbie?