Fly-tipping at Sileby appeal area Blackberry Lane captured on video

A woman has actually hit out at fly-tippers who have dumped stacks of rubbish at a county beauty spot.Andrea Wells

has labelled the offenders “lazy and inconsiderate” after she posted an image and a video online of the mess in Blackberry Lane in Sileby on 2 different occassions.

Mrs Wells, of Sileby, who walks along the lane most days, said: “I just can’t comprehend the mindset of someone who would do this. It’s disgsuting.

“I use the lane most days and stroll down the at weekends with the canine and it is a beautiful location to go to.

“It is completely ruined by these lazy and inconsiderate individuals who dispose this stuff and clearly cant be bothered to got to tip and don’t care about spoiling the stunning countryside we have.

“I took a photo of the huge stack of rubbish discarded there on July 1.

“The council got that moved. Then on July 10 I was down the lane and there was another lot of rubbish dumped.”

Blackberry Lane Sileby. Fly-tipping Mrs Wells said she called Charnwood District Council and they acted swiftly to remove the rubbish.She said:” The council does move the rubbish however it is sad that this just keeps

taking place.”It not just makes me feel sad buy upset too. It would be excellent if individuals accountable could be

traced and given court.” A Charnwood Borough Council spokesperson stated:” We went to Blackberry Lane in Sileby on July 1 and 10 to investigate

and clear reported fly-tips.”Both events contained a range of rubbish discarded in the bridle lane including asbestos, bricks concrete and wood.

No evidence was discovered after inspecting through the discarded rubbish meaning no fines could be issued.The most current from north Leicestershire”There have been 5 reports of fly-tips in Blackberry Lane in Sileby in 2018. We would encourage individuals to be watchful and if they see anybody they believe to be discarding rubbish unlawfully then

to keep in mind the time, date, descriptions of people and registration numbers of any automobiles that might be included.”We investigate all reported fly-tips and if we have evidence we can issue set charge notifications of ₤ 400 or prosecute individuals in court.” It’s also worth advising individuals that it is the individual’s obligation to ensure their waste is disposed of properly, even if someone clears the rubbish on their behalf and then discards it illegally.”If the rubbish can be traced back to the original owner, it will be them who could end up with a fine or in court. “Simply last week we effectively prosecuted someone for stopping working to ensure their waste was disposed of correctly after it was discovered in a parking lot in Loughborough. They were fined and ordered to pay expenses totalling more than ₤ 1,800. “Previously this summer we worked with all councils in Leicestershire on a joint project to raise awareness of the issues around fly-tipping.”Fly-tipping can be reported online at or by calling 01509 634564.