Frightening Encounter With Taxi Driver

Encounter With Taxi Driver Leaves Student With Scary Dreams

A Plymouth trainee student who was gotten by a taxi driver as she combated to escape his vehicle is disturbed that the police are no longer investigating the case.

The 18-year-old also exposed that the terrifying experience has actually made her have nightmares.

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Cops stated: “Authorities have spoken with both the driver and the victim and following this, are content that no criminal act has actually taken place.Read More” No further policing action will be taken. This decision has been reached following discussions with

both parties.”But the young female included, who did not wish to be called by name, has criticised the authorities for not doing more.

She told The Herald: “All they have actually told me is that they are not getting involved due to the fact that there is nothing they can charge him with apart

from touching my leg”. “Essentially they do not care that he didn’t let me out the car.”

The teen was gotten outside Pryzm

She also said: “I do not know what’s occurring at the minute but they stated they would let me know.

“I think it’s foolish that they have said no criminal acts have happened as he didn’t let me out the cars and truck and touched my leg, which is a typical assault according to taxi licensing.

“I am a lot more cautious of individuals and have a few headaches about it.

“I have been out since however I would never get a taxi home by myself again.

“I believe it must a minimum of go on his records to stop any other taxi firm taking him on.”

Hero cabbie Tony Kearney had to race to the teenager’s rescue when a fellow driver lied to select her up then refused to let her from the cab.

Hero cabbie Tony Kearney

Hero cabbie Tony Kearney It is declared that the rogue motorist also grabbed the trainee’s leg as she got away the vehicle.The shaken 18-year-old had booked a taxi from the Pryzm club to take her back to her the home of Woolwell at 1 am on Sunday, October 1. She talked to the motorist of a cab that had actually brought up outdoors and hopped in after she offered her name and he confirmed he was there for her.Read More


Bad and Good Taxi Driver

“The young female said that she was incredibly grateful to Mr Kearney for supporting her throughout the ordeal.The heroic chauffeur, 52, cautioned others to remain safe after telling how he pertained to the teen’s rescue.Read More He said he had called her to state he was outside and

quickly spotted her leaving the club with a friend.But before he might do anything he enjoyed the girl enter the incorrect taxi– which promptly drove off.Quick-thinking Mr Kearney immediately called the woman to inform her the error,

however, was shocked to hear that the chauffeur had refused to stop and let her out.The father-of-two told The Herald

“When he turned the wrong method I grew extremely scared,” he said. “It simply didn’t seem.”I was so anxious.

At the end of the day that is someone’s daughter and I could not leave her.”

Embankment Road, where the taxi headed Mr Kearney remained on the phone to the lady throughout her journey and likewise followed the car as best he could– lastly overtaking her on Embankment Roadway near Marsh

Embankment Road, where the taxi headed

Mills.He said:”She was noticeably shaken and I was shocked to hear that he had actually gotten her leg as she left the vehicle. “As soon as she entered the taxi I made certain that she was safe and took her straight house. “Mr Kearney prompted travelers to ask their motorists who their taxi is booked for and where they going.

Read More He also stated that if travelers had any issues they might report their driver to Plymouth City board by taking note of the plate number or the registration plate and remembering of the color of the car.

Police verified details of the event when the story was initially reported previously this month.A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall cops said:”Officers were informed by reports that a taxi motorist had refused to let a woman from his cars and truck after she realized she remained in the wrong taxi on Sunday, October 1.” The cabby later released the door and the lady left on Embankment Road in Plymouth.”