Icy roads continue to affect school transportation in Aberdeenshire

A dozen schools throughout the region have been forced to change or cancel school transportation this early morning as icy conditions continue to impact some routes.Aberdeenshire Auchnagatt School– Modifications to School Transport Routes(Ian Bruce’s bus will run however will not go down the Drumwhindle part of the route. Sylvia’s bus will run however she will call any afflicted moms and dads directly. )Ellon Academy– Changes to School Transportation Routes (The campus is open, with the following restrictions: the feeder bus from Hatton is not running as the bus has actually got stuck at Bridgend Road(0715 ). Watermill are NOT running to Slains as they have actually got stuck there too (0735). The Foveran bus is also NOT running either for the same factor( 0737).)Hatton School, Cruden– School Transport Not Running (Great Early Morning, as you can see the buses are not running again. If you bring your kid to school

  • today please guarantee thatyou can collect them at the end of the school day. Tomorrow, the temperature level is going to be 11 degrees so hopefully this ice will dissolve.)Kemnay Academy– School Opening Postponed(Roads around school really icy due to existing climate condition. Central buses will run later on. B, C, D, E, F, J, H will range from 0915
  • . Pupils need to go to pick up 0915. School opening at 0930 Stagecoach unable to run later buses. No Stage coach buses. Students taking a trip on Stagecoach should not await buses. Allways Taxi are cancelled. Premier Buses running. No feeder to Central at present. Students at feeder buses for Central to be picked up. Premier buses running however late due to conditions.)Kininmonth School– Changes to School Transportation Routes ( Kineil Coaches are operating tomorrow (18th December)but will NOT be able to pick up from the following houses, Reilly, Rohan and Shayne and
  • Euan. We thank you extremely much for getting your kids to school in trying times. All being well the programs will go on as planned tomorrow. Thank you for your perseverance.)Meldrum Academy– Changes to School Transport Routes (Kineil 705H-Methlick will follow its winter season path today not working on the Burnend of Gight road, pickup will be at Cairnorrie and Methlick. It also will not be operating on the Skelmonae roadway-pickup will be
  • at the mainroad. Kineil 705J — OldRayne/Meikle Wartle will run however not the Kirkton of Rayne part of the path. Kineil 705L– Udny will run but not the Greystone/Blair roadway. Any moms and dad carrying their children to school please ensure you can gather them at the end of the school day.) Meldrum School– Partial Closure for Students(Due to additional upkeep requirements, Meldrum Nursery will be closed to students on Monday 18th December. School open as normal.)Meldrum School– Changes to School Transportation Routes(No Airyhiloock or Bourtie detect 670B path today.)Methlick School– Modifications to School Transport Routes(Fiona’s bus will run the same pick uppoints/times again as last week. Diane’s bus will only be doing main road select up as follows: Middlemuir 8.30 am, Mains of Cairnorrie 8.35 am and Street of Monteach 8.40 are because of the ongoing icy conditions.)Mintlaw Academy– Modifications to School Transportation Routes (Kineil Coach NS467K will run most of its path apart from runningup the road to Hythie, parents on this part of the path can bring their kids to be collected from the primary roadway if safe to do so. Kineil coach NS467J will run apart from the through the Balearn area and their coach NS467E will start its run from New Deer, it will not get from Knaven if parents can securely transport pupils they can be dropped at the main collection point in New Deer. ****Watermill Coaches NS467A will run just from Kinmundy Road following the primary road then to Mintlaw this is due to continued ice affecting the route prior to this. **** Update 8am– Watermill Coach NS467M has actually tried the path however has ended up being stuck on ice so it will not run today.)New Deer School– Changes to School Transportation Routes(Colleen’s bus, Milne’s coaches, will not be decreasing the Old What Roadway this early morning. Thank you )Pitmedden School– Changes to School Transport Routes (The school bus will run today but will not manage to go up to Dumbreck– due to the roadway conditions.)Uryside School– Modifications to School Transportation Routes (Due to adverse weather condition Kineil Coaches will not be running today.)