Man forgets purse containing about $12,000 in Lagos taxi, what passenger did next is unbelievable

A man named Philip Eric has told the story of a very spectacular encounter while he was in Nigeria.

According to Eric who resides in the United States, he came into Nigeria last 10 years ago.

For him, Nigeria is really a lovely place to work, though with its challenges.

He said it has not been easy to trust some of his workers due to some acts of disloyalty by some and general news about people coming from this part of the world has made that so hard to do.

However, he met a Nigerian that changed his orientation completely.

In a letter sent to, Eric said he would want to express his profound gratitude to Nigeria and her honest citizens most especially to one Mr. Michael who really proved to him that honest-hearted individuals still exist in this country.

Michael Lloyd got into a cab and found someone else’s belongings, $12,000 inclusive, and he did Nigeria proud

Eric in his narration said: “I took a cab from Lagos Airport to Lekki after which I forgot my

.I didn’t even realize that not until I got a call couple of hours later from a number he identified himself as Michael and explained how he stumbled into my belonging.

Michael Lloyd resides in Enugu, he said due to the uncertainty of having the cab driver return the lost items, he undertook the journey himself, risking it all

Well, the gist of the whole story is that he returned my watch and my purse not asking for any gratification of whatsoever, I only managed to pay the cab that brought him to Lekki.

Nigeria is really a great place and still have some honest citizens within it. I want to use this opportunity to thank the president and the honest citizens and most importantly Mr. Michael for his candor. I promised him I will spread the news.” has gotten in touch with Michael, as to commend him for his uprightness.

He is living proof that all hope is not lost for the human race, and good people still exist.

His interview will soon be published, here on our site, Watch out!

The story of this kind hearted Nigerian brings to mind the recent victory of Emmanuel Macron who has become the young president of France.

Below is a video in which Nigerians are engaging the though of having a youth who can lead the nation to a greater height.