Metered cab driver in Tshwane claim ‘EFF members’ are attacking them

Image Credits: Gallo Images/ The Times/ Moeletsi Mabe

The chauffeurs of metered taxis say they are being bothered and beaten by males in EFF clothes who declare to represent the group.A former member of the Tshwane Meter Taxi Council has actually declared that he was assaulted back in Might by a so-called ‘EFF member’ in a conflict over how the industry need to deal with Uber.Uber is an innovation business connecting riders with drivers, through a smartphone app. Though they aren’t technically a taxi or transportation company, they do undertake the very same work and business clients as metered chauffeurs, at a lower cost.Uber chauffeur attacks The source also claimed that the group were aiming to extort chauffeurs in a bid to ‘banish’ Uber from working in the location, and linked EFF Chairperson Dali Mpofu:”They have been gathering R400 from each meter taxi driver, claiming they need

to raise R400 000 to pay Supporter Dali Mpofu, who ‘will help them eliminate Uber ‘. They claim they have actually currently paid Mpofu R100 000.”Naturally, Dali has actually been extremely quick to distance himself from these comments and maintained he would not entertain

such’rubbish’, not to mention accept cash for it:” They are simply making the most of people’s lack of knowledge. I am not included at all. They are just abusing my name and that of the celebration. This is certainly a fraud. They must not provide them any cash. “Taxi cabs in Gauteng It is stated that the men who recognize as EFF members turn violent on the chauffeurs who do not wish to take part in whatever it is they are trying to achieve.Tshwane chauffeurs

are advised to report any

further suspicious activity to the police, and to decline any part in exactly what these criminals are proposing.