‘Supercar catapulted into tree’ after transporter ‘carrying £2m worth of vehicles’ crashes

A supercar was supposedly catapulted into a tree after a transporter ‘carrying ₤ 2 million worth of vehicles’ crashed.The smash, which included Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Aston Martins, closed a village roadway for more than 10 hours.The lorry was taking a trip along Loughborough Road in Burton on the Wolds, near Loughborough, when it went through a field and crashed into a wall and some trees.The driver suffered minor injuries. There was a large

diesel spill from the automobiles, which is why the roadway has been closed for a long period.< meta itemprop=url material=https://i2-prod.leicestermercury.co.uk/incoming/article2034593.ece/ALTERNATES/s615b/0__DSC9195JPG.jpg > Council Highways personnel clear up after the car transporter crash on Loughborough Roadway Burton on the Wolds.

The truck, which crashed through a wall, was bring super cars and trucks worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.One of the trees is comprehended to have actually fallen and blocked the road.Charnwood councillor Jonathan Morgan tweeted that the car had been carrying important supercars, which

one of the automobiles had actually been released into a tree as a result of the impact.Commenting on Twitter

this morning, he stated:” Loughborough Rd, Burton on the Wolds-fallen tree obstructing road presently being cleared following freak midnight accident-cars and truck transporter with ₤ 2m of supercars on

it, crashed and reduced tree-catapulted one of the cars 50ft up, to rest in branches. “He told Leicestershire Live today:”We stumbled upon it just before midnight. The lorry had one off the roadway and through the border wall of Prestwold Hall prior to hitting three or 4 quite big trees.”One of the supercars had been flung off

and was hanging in the branches of among the trees that had actually been brought down. “It’s an odd thing to come across when your driving home on a Saturday night.” He said there were about 8 other vehicles still on the transporter but he suspected they will have been harmed, too.He said:”When we got there the emergency situation services hadn’t shown up yet

. The motorist was out of the truck and examining the vehicles still on the lorry. I

believe he was a bit bruised in the crash but I understand he didn’t go to hospital. “The trees have all been cut up and taken away and the vehicles were likewise removed.” The crashed transporter lorry last night The crash took place

just after midnight. Highways crews were at the

scene throughout this early morning and the roadway remained closed westbound at midday.A spokeswoman for

Leicestershire Cops stated:”We were called at 12.02 am today to a report that a truck had gone through a field and into a wall, triggering substantial damage to trees. “There was rather a great deal of diesel on the road, which was why the road remained closed for so long.”

Automobile transporter crash on Loughborough Roadway Burton on the Wolds. The truck, which crashed through a wall, was carrying super cars and trucks worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.Did you see the event? Do you have

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