Taxi driver saves an elderly woman from being scammed out of $25K: ‘It just made sense’

ROSEVILLE, Calif.– A California taxi driver knew something sounded fishy when his elderly passenger stated she needed a flight to the bank to withdraw $25,000.

Rajbir Singh got a 92-year-old lady in Roseville, California, two weeks back. When he started talking with her, Singh said she told him she was about to withdraw the cash to settle a debt with the IRS.

He pleaded with the lady to reassess, stating he believed this might be a rip-off. Singh even detoured to a police headquarters to assist convince his traveler not to withdraw her money.

“I am a truthful man, and these are old people. They require assistance,” Singh, the owner of Roseville Cab, informed CNN on Thursday. “It simply made sense.”

As Singh spoke to the female, she informed him that someone had actually called her and asked for the money. When he asked if it was a member of the family, the female grew silent.

Singh stated the female consented to let him call the number to the individual who was impersonating an Internal Revenue Service worker.

“We called this number again and I asked the male, ‘Do you understand this girl?’ He said no,” Singh said. “I understood something was incorrect.”

When Singh pressed the male, stating the female was 92 years old and she was worried, the guy hung up on him. After duplicated calls back, Singh stated the number blocked them.

Despite that, Singh stated the woman still didn’t think him, so he came up with another idea.

“Raj pleaded with the female to reevaluate so they accepted visit the Roseville Police headquarters to ask an officer,” the authorities department stated in a post on Facebook.

Singh spoke to an officer in the station, who then consulted with the female, authorities said.

The discussion with the officer worked, and the woman believed she was being scammed.

“We like this story due to the fact that a number of times throughout, Raj might have just taken his client to her stop and not fretted about her wellbeing,” Roseville police said in the Facebook post. “He took some time from his day and had the terrific planning to bring the almost-victim to the police headquarters for an official response.”

Roseville police stated Singh was worthy of a “fantastic citizen award” in a statement.

“His quick thinking saved a senior $25,000 and for that, we greatly value his efforts,” authorities stated.

Singh took his passenger house, her checking account saved. A week after the potential fraud was thwarted, Singh stated he got a call asking him to come back to the station.

Officers provided Singh a $50 present card to thank him for what he did.