Uber Tests Bike-Sharing Program in San Francisco

San Franciscans can join Uber’s waitlist to find out when bikes will be offered to rent. “While it’s just one little action, pilots like Uber Bike by Jump can include up to major development, and we ca n’t wait to see how it goes,”the company said.So far, both Uber and Jump have not said whether other bike-sharing pilots will be showing up elsewhere. “After SF, what’s next? That’s a great concern. The answer today is, we

‘ll see, “Dive stated in its own blog site post on Wednesday.(Jump also has its own mobile app, which is available for both Android and iOS.)One prospective roadblock facing the companies is persuading cities the parked bikes won’t mess up their streets. San Francisco’s community transport authority has actually stated Jump can potentially add 250 more bikes to its program, however only after 9 months of evaluation.The two companies will likewise have to compete with other bike-sharing services. For instance, Ford GoBike will ultimately have 7,000 bikes across the San Francisco Bay Area by the end of 2018.