Waymo desires $2.6 billion from Uber for a single trade trick

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. That’s a heck of a great deal of money, specifically thinking about that single trade secret– and it’s not clear which one it is– is among nine overall. What damages Waymo is requesting for the other 8 weren’t disclosed.The case centers around former Google staff member Anthony Levandowski who left the company to start a self-driving truck business, Otto, which was declares that over 14,000 exclusive design files were downloaded by Levandowski 6 weeks prior to he left Google– information that Uber then used in the development of its LiDAR circuit board. Uber has actually maintained that it had absolutely nothing to do with Levandowski’s actions which none of the taken files made their way over to Uber.The judge

didn’t rule on whether the trial would be delayed, but is expected to make a decision on October 3rd. The trial is currently set up to start on October 10th, though Waymo’s attorneys have requested it be pushed to December 5th.